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baby mit still

Still – so your baby can have a healthy and peaceful night’s sleep!


You’re planning a delicious meal with your partner, you want to cuddle together on the sofa or relax and watch a film – and suddenly your baby is screaming and wide awake! The romantic atmosphere is gone – your evening is ruined!

Or you need to pop into the laundry room quickly or want to visit your neighbor while your baby sleeps – without worry and without a guilty conscience.


Thanks to Still, the new digital pacifier, you have complete control over your baby and thus over your evening plans or your daily routine!

Thanks to the built-in camera and deep sleep measurement, you can monitor your baby and find out when it is sleeping deeply and peacefully, and you can also calm it using radiotelephony.

Still is revolutionary in terms of its digital functions. Accordingly, the new digital pacifier has also been patented.

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