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The various functions of Still


Still is a digital pacifier that not only lets you monitor your baby, but also helps the baby to sleep better and more peacefully.

Still is equipped with various functions.

Schnuller - Kameras

1. Monitoring thanks to the built-in camera

You don’t need a baby monitor anymore! Still is equipped with two small cameras, which are installed at the top of the pacifier. They are connected to your mobile phone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth.

In this time, you can cook, cuddle, watch TV, enjoy a romantic meal, wash, iron, all at your own leisure – in short: you can go about your daily routine in a care-free and normal manner.

2. You can relax comfortably

In this time, you can cook, cuddle, watch TV, enjoy a romantic meal. Or you go to work, wash, iron or sit in the home office.

In short: you can go about your daily routine in a care-free and normal manner.

3. Deep sleep measurement

Infrared measurements register your baby’s movements. The heart rate is measured at the same time. This data allows you to determine how deeply and soundly your baby is currently sleeping.

You can plan accordingly! Do you have time to watch a film or begin that romantic meal? Still lets you know in an instant!


4. Voice function

As soon as you notice your baby becoming restless, you can start talking to it!

Thanks to the “walkie-talkie” function and the built-in speaker in the pacifier, you can calm your baby down with soothing words – just as if you were standing right next to the bed!

5. Measure heartbeat/pulse

Quite possibly the best function: Still regularly measures your baby’s heartbeat.  If the pulse fluctuates or stops beating – Still immediately sounds the alarm via mobile phone, tablet or computer!

According to scientific studies, Still drastically reduces the risk of your baby suffering sudden infant death!


6. Take the temperature

Thanks to Still, you now no longer need a fever thermometer either.
The baby’s temperature is taken at regular intervals by infrared sensors.

If the temperatures should exceed 37°, you will receive a warning signal on your mobile phone/tablet with the current temperatures. You can then decide what to do next

7. Light function

How often have you woken up because your baby lost its pacifier in the middle of the night and then dragged you and the entire neighborhood out of bed with its wailing!

That is over! For one, Still is equipped with a small LED rim, which is permanently dimly lit. What’s more: an additional LED light is switched on as soon as the baby loses the pacifier.

Searching for that elusive pacifier in the middle of the night is officially over!

8. Noses free

Your baby will also be able to sleep wonderfully – even if it has a cold and a stuffy nose! Still has a built-in organic trough plaster.

If your baby has a cold, just give it a few drops of Still Nose free. Still Nose free is a nursing oil with organic, natural substances that frees up the airways! Your baby will be able to breathe freely again in no time – and sleep soundly!

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