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Financing – get involved!

The development of the digital pacifier Still requires an investment of Fr. 180'000.–. In order to secure the financing, we are looking for investors.

That is why we need you!

If Still is produced and becomes profitable, you will get various attractive gifts!

Are you also someone who encourages innovation, appreciates technical innovations and above all loves peacefully and quietly sleeping babies?

And are you as enthusiastic about Still as we are?

If we have sparked your interest, please go to right now (Project: «Digital pacifier – babies sleep peacefully and safely») and support our crowdfunding project.

Or contact us directly.
We look forward to your assistance!

Appeal for investors
Do you also want to be one of the investors to make Still, the first digital pacifier, good to go? Then contact us!

Your investment will be worth it. You will not only receive one of the first digital pacifiers developed by the University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil, you will receive attractive gifts!

Click here to receive the detailed documentation.

Have we piqued your interest?

Do you want to support the development?