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Financing – we are looking for you!

For the fine development of the digital pacifier, the first pilot series and studies, an investment of

Fr. 1,2 million

is required. That is why we are looking for investors, which are interested in this billion dollar business.

Are you also someone who encourages innovation, appreciates technical innovations and above all loves peacefully and quietly sleeping babies?

And are you as enthusiastic about Still as we are?

If we have piqued your interest, please contact us immediately!

We would be happy to show you more detailed information about overall market, sales channels, possible partnerships, the development opportunities as well as the potential of this billion dollar market!

We want you on board!

Investors wanted
The future belongs to the digital pacifier! Millions of pacifiers are already sold every day in over 60 countries!

Do you want to be on board with the development, which will also be a real innovation in terms of baby health?

Then just register here! We would be happy to show you more detailed documents on this billion dollar business!

Please contact us here.

Have we piqued your interest?

Do you want to support the development?